Artificial surfaces currently being used on Pickleball courts


Text found on Action Floor Systems website:

"What makes a good pickleball court? As with any project, it starts with identifying the end users and understanding what works best for them.

"Pickleball is being introduced in high school physical education programs, and it's even played in prison. But, it is being adopted most frequently by seniors who want to stay active.

"Of the 2.8 million pickleball players in the U.S., just under one million are considered 'core participants,' meaning they play the sport at least eight times per year. Of those core participants, 75 percent are over the age of 55.

"Two of the most important considerations when choosing a sports surface for pickleball are comfort and safety. The effects of aging mean many seniors are at a greater risk for injury, and any design that minimizes those risks is a definite benefit to your clients and the end users.

"A typical tennis court is nothing more than asphalt or concrete with a layer of acrylic surface paint that may include sand and/or granulized rubber. In short, common tennis courts offer nothing in terms of shock absorption (aka force reduction) to protect athletes' joints.

"There are options, however, to install courts that do provide shock absorption, even allowing you to specify different levels of force reduction based on the thickness of rubber padding that's part of the system."


Some surfaces currently in use:

- Mateflex
- Duraflex
- Action Floor Systems (in use at Lake Odessa Picklebowl)
- Surface colors need to contrast with ball colors (most often green, yellow, white)
- Pickleball court lines can be added to current tennis courts
- Foreverlawn can also create its own line of paddles, clothing, etc.
- Ben Johns (age 20) is the current best Pickleball player in the world and can be approached for sponsorship
- A list of the current top 10 ranked men's singles Pickleball players in the world can be found here